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16 Jun 2010

Thanks for visiting!  (Are you in John MacLean’s English class? Click here.)

My most recent blog posts are below. But to see an overview of what I blog about here and where else I am online (now on, click

In addition to this blog, I am also online at: – I have just started using this instead of diigo.  The main feature I like – searches search the content of the page bookmarked.

diigo – I have stopped actively using diigo – here’s why.  You can still view my bookmarks of news or other web pages, along with excerpts and my brief comments.  Categories include: News, Middle East, Interfaith Dialog, and  Technology.

zotero – I use this to organize my academic sources – so it is a list of mostly articles and books in various categories.

I use this blog ( to explore and share my ideas, thoughts and responses (that are more developed than those in diigo). On the right, see the About pages and the Ideas, Thoughts, Responses categories.

Below is a chart that allows you to link to various content by topic.

After you read something, I would love to hear what you think – either via posted comments or email (john AT mac6 D0T org).  Thanks.  -John

Topic “About” – Basic info, my approach (static, all on this blog) News, links, sources – my reactions, quick comments (more active, on [just started], diigo [only older stuff – not using now], zotero)You can search my for any topic as it searches content of pages bookmarked. My ideas, thoughts, more developed responses (less active, all on this blog)
Interfaith Relations and Dialog My approach to interfaith dialog
My interfaith, intercultural story
Interfaith Dialog (diigo)
Interfaith relations and dialog (zotero)
Interfaith relations and dialog
Religion / Faith My faith Religion (diigo)
My Zotero folders with RLGN- prefix
Middle East Middle East (diigo) Middle East
Teaching My teaching philosophy Pedagogy (zotero) Teaching
Technology Technology (diigo)
Information Science and Technology (zotero)
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  1. Tom Little permalink
    1 Feb 2011 3:59 am

    My concern is that Jordan is going to be next. Large protests in Amman and Irbid over the weekend, mostly with the labor unions, but lots of Islamic party members also participating. While most Jordanians love Abdullah and Rania, if Jordanians can not get a job and put food on their table, then they will turn against Abdullah. If Egypt and Jordan go Islamic and nullify their treaties with Israel, that’s really bad news for Israel and for the United States. Plus if Nashrallah starts something in your town there John, it will be Israeli jets flying over Beirut. With Hezbollah part of the Lebanese government, Israel now considers any agression by Hezbollah an agression by Lebanon. The Lebanese people will lose in this situation. Makes me want to go back and live in Saudi Arabia, where is it “peaceful”….

    • 1 Feb 2011 5:06 am

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comment. I have heard of the demonstrations in Jordan, but I understood they were more directed at the prime minister. But as we have seen, things can happen fast and change fast.

      I am afraid of the tension and the strong, violent rhetoric on both sides of the Israel / Lebanon-Hezbollah situation. I think sane heads in both camps realize the mutually assured (if unequal) pain formula – and will avoid starting anything. But all it takes is an idiot on one side or the other to do something stupid and things will get very bloody. It is disturbing to me to see such callous disregard for civilian casualties on both sides – as was evidenced in the July 2006 war.

      Stay safe.

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