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What people laugh at tells us a lot

16 Jun 2010

BBC News – Israel apologises for spoof video mocking Gaza flotilla – see excerpts from this article (bulleted) below my comments

Regev’s comment on this (and no doubt Netanyahu’s thoughts on it as well) belie their expression of “regret” over the deaths as a result of their raid. Their actions as well as their attitudes show that they want to kill the peace process.

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  • Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, told the UK’s Guardian newspaper: “I called my kids in to watch it because I thought it was funny. It is what Israelis feel. But the government has nothing to do with it.”
  • The Israeli government has apologised after its press office emailed to journalists a spoof video about the flotilla which tried to dock in Gaza.

    The video shows people dressed as peace activists singing “we con the world” to the tune of We Are the World.

    A spokesman said the video did not represent the Israeli government’s view.

    The video contains real footage of the Israeli raid on the flotilla in which nine activists died

  • Nine passengers on board were killed during the Israeli commando raid on the ship.

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