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Thank you, E Free

31 Jul 2010

I want to thank the Evangelical Free Church of Bloomington, IL for inviting me to speak. I appreciate the chance to interact with you about something that is very important to me – how we, as Christians, should relate to our Muslim friends in a “Jesus-like” way.

Here are a few resources that relate to my message.

  • Here is a list of four articles that present or discuss good examples of “Jesus-like” relating.
  • If you are only going to read one book about the situation in the Middle East, I would recommend Blood Brothers, an autobiography of Elias Chacour (a Palestinian Christian), which tells of his family being forced from their ancestral home in the village of Biram (in northern Galilee) in1948 by Israeli soldiers.
  • Here is a copy of my presentation.

If you have any questions or interest, please look around this site for other resources. Also, feel free to email me (john AT mac6 D0T org).

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  1. R. parido permalink
    4 Aug 2010 5:39 pm

    I attended your lecture at E-free. There were several points that I disagree with you.
    1. Jesus preached one religon, repent and be saved.
    2. God thru the ages had his people kill other religons, I do agree with killing people of other religons, but God did.
    3.Muslins believe in a different god.
    4. I do not agree with your statement that “we all worship the same god”.

    I am sure there are good Muslins, but good people that do not believe that Jesus die and rose from the dead do not believe as I do.

    God Bless you,

    • 7 Aug 2010 5:52 pm

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate getting your feedback. Sorry for the delay in replying – I am visiting my mom and have limited Internet access.

      I guess my main response is that I would like to chat further to get a better idea of your disagreements. Here are some specific comments and questions.

      1. I think I would agree with what you are saying. (If we were sitting together over coffee, I might ask about the word “religion”.)

      2. First, I wonder if you intended to say “I do NOT agree…” In any case, I think my main point in bringing these passages up was that both Christians and Muslims have parts of their holy books that have “difficult passages”. And we need to be gracious as we listen to people of other faiths and how they deal with these difficult passages – just as we would want them to be gracious and listen to us as we struggle with our difficult passages.

      3. and 4. This is a huge issue among some Christians. While I understand that there are some significant differences in Muslim and Christian understandings of and beliefs about God’s character and actions, I would suggest that there is just ONE God. I am sure that my understanding of God is both incomplete and inaccurate (in part) – and I want to find out what I don’t know and what I am wrong about. Similarly, I think that many of my Muslim friends would agree that they have incomplete and inaccurate (in part) information about God. I think it is a good thing to talk together about our different understandings of God. I don’t think that there is another “God of Islam” out there. And I don’t think it is conducive to dialog to tell them they “worship a different God”. I know there are some Christians who feel strongly about saying this – but I think if we had the chance to talk about it, we would agree about what we trying to say – namely that Muslims and Christians have different UNDERSTANDINGS of God.

      Thanks again for your comment – and I would welcome further interaction – either here or by email – (john AT mac6 d0t org)

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